10 minutes to move jekyll blog to GitHub pages

This is probably one of the easiest things I have ever done.

Github Pages is a free service from GitHub that I have been interesting in using since it plays nice with Jekyll. It’s free hosting and push your commits and changes automatically go live. Not need to ftp! So this weekend I finally decided to move my site from ASmallOrange to Github.io.

All I did was:

  • Create repo, clone it - just how GitHub explains here.
  • Copy files of my site and paste them into my new repo
  • Run Jekyll to build my site
  • add, commit and push

That’s it. In a few minutes my GitHub.io page supersabillon.github.io was already showing my site.

Never have I done so little effort to move an entire site to a new host provider.

I already updated my domain’s DNS settings in GoDaddy to point here. I followed this very helpful guide.