Aziz Ansari's 5 dollar special

If you are not an Aziz Ansari fan then skipped to third paragraph. What, you haven’t heard of him?

If you’re a fan then may I suggest you purchase his new $5 stand up special Dangerous Delicious

This is kind of a big deal because is a business model that farmers have be doing for a while which is skipping the middleman. This results in better prices for the consumer and better products.

People (including me) sometimes pirate stuff because: a. We don’t like ads, b. We don’t like censorship, c. We hate DRM and d. Price is too expensive. Aziz is following the model of what Louis CK did with his Live at the Beacon special. He skipped the middleman, sold (and still selling) his special with no ads, DRM-free, no censorship and just for 5 bucks. Some of you pay more for a cup of coffee.

If we as consumers support this type of business model more artists will follow suit. For example Joe Rogan and Jim Gaffigan have mentioned of releasing a special for 5 bucks as well.

Maybe not everybody will be able to be successful with this type of model. So always remember to go to comedy clubs and shows. That’s the best way to show your support.