Chromebook market share growth

Latest report from Bloomberg show Google Chromebook has snagged a 25% market share of laptops under $300 in the past 8 months. 

Overall 25% is still very low considering the few options consumers have for laptops under $300. When Google announced the Chromebook I didn’t think too much of it, but I was still surprised when people said Chromebook would not last too long. I thought it was a cool product, not for me or any power user but I can see why some people would enjoy it.


I remember 2 or 3 years ago I bought my sister a 10” Dell netbook for around 200sh dollars. I tried it out before giving it away and noticed how sluggish it performed. It runs Windows 7 and has a hard drive. Now with the same amount of cash you could get a snappy Google Chromebook, with a Flash drive and nicer screen. 

I think this is perfect for High school and College students (depending on their majors), or even regular folks who don’t game, edit videos or do any programming.