Draw Something

By now you have probably heard about the popular Draw Something app. This game has been on OMGPOP’s website for a few years now, but it didn’t become successful until it reached Smartphones. Read what happened in 7 weeks from app launch: 37 million users, 3 billion drawings, $250k in sales per day and a recently $200m acquisition from Zynga. 

I found this article that gives 7 reasons why Draw Something is a hit. Good reasons, but I would add reason number 8 and I believe the most important:

Asynchronous style of play. There are many Pictionary type games out there but most of them have a synchronous style, meaning both players need to be online. This is still fun but results in users playing mostly with strangers. The asynchronous style of play allows users to play with their friends who are not online at the moment. Also while you wait for your friend to respond you need to start a new game with a friend if you want to keep drawing.

Check out some awesome drawings from Draw Something.