Enhance your jQuery plugin with two lines of code

While developing a jQuery plugin I thought about how cool it would be if it had a callback capability, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to write tons of lines of code for a feature that wasn’t essential.

Then I did some research and realized it would only takes two lines of code to make this happen.

Assuming you’re using good practices to create your default values:

var defaults = {

  // 1st line of code
  // define an empty anonymous function so
  // no need to check if it exists before calling it
  myFancyCallback: function() {},

  // ... rest of settings ...

Then later in the program, let’s say for example you need the callback to trigger when a close button is clicked:

function closeButton() {

  // code the closes button here...

  // and your callback (2nd line of code)

And here’s an example of how it would be used:

  myFancyCallback: function() {
    //do something

And that’s it. Super simple and now your plugin users can easily add functionality.