Hyperloop by Musk

The first draft of Hyperloop is what everybody been talking since yesterday. Great article really, especially for us living in LA or SF. It was put together by Elon Musk, creator of Tesla Motors, Space X and PayPal.

He explains how it would work, how much it would cost and compares it to the current CA High Speed Rail plans. 

What stuck for me was:

  • CA HSR one way ticket would cost $105 and travel time of 2 hours and 38 minutes.
  • Hyperloop would be cheaper (estimated $20 one way ticket plus some costs) and travel time would be 35 minutes.
  • Estimated cost for Hyperloop is $6 billion while CA HSR is $68.4 billion. 
  • Capsules with 28 passengers each would be departing every few minutes
  • Tubes would be on “pylons” running above the 5 freeway, no need to buy land like with HSR.

Very cool and serious first draft.