IKEA created an all in one entertainment system, check out their video. They call it Uppleva which means experiencing in Swedish.  

Remember how a television set used to be furniture before? It is the same idea but more functional. It comes with a Blu-ray/DVD/CD player, has Wifi, 2.1 sound system and a HD LED TV. It doesn’t mention what brand the electronics will be, but they do offer a 5 year guarantee. 

I think is a neat idea. I’m sure people will make fun of it for many reasons, one of them for being from IKEA. Also people that spend thousands of dollars in their entertainment system will probably laugh at this but this product is not aim to them.

I believe this product will do well, especially for people in small apartments who are not “technophiles” who just want something that works, also think about dorm rooms,  workplace break/fun rooms, retirement homes, kids rooms, etc.

Folks will probably ask “what if I want a new tv?”. This would be a problem but how often do people get new TVs? I’ve had my Samsung TV for 5 years so far and still going strong…

My first impression is “I really like it”, but there’s still a lot of unknowns. I would love to see a review on the software of the TV and its capabilities. If the TV is made by Samsung and the price is right, I can see myself getting one of this, even if the software sucks since everything can be hacked nowadays. 

Check out some pictures here.  I think the internet would be going crazy today if this was made by Apple.