31 books in one year

So it’s been a while since I’ve bought a physical book. Last year, sometime in June I got a used Kindle. I was checking out my amazon digital orders and I realized I read 31 books between June 2015 to June 2016. And that includes Game of Thrones which took me an entire month to read!.

For you that amount might not be a big deal but for me it is, since I usually read around 10 books a year. Anyways, so this post is really about the Kindle, since now I love it so much, and I used to be part of the “I prefer physical books” camp.

A few months after I got it, my kindle actually broke, but with the Kindle also comes the Kindle app for your phone. So I kept reading using the app and the experience is not as great as a proper Kindle reader, but is still is pretty good.

Reasons why Kindle rulez!

  • First reason is the obvious: Digital media rocks when you start collecting lots of books. No need to worry about where to put them, or if you’re reading a huge book then it weights nothing if it is digital.

  • So comfortable to read. Easy to hold with one hand, in the dark, while standing on a bus/subway ride, in bed, and flipping pages is easily done with just a swipe or button tap.

  • Instant dictionary! English is my second language so there are still many words I do not know, a simple highlight on a word and you get the definition, a wikipedia article and even a translation.

  • No trips to the bookstore or waiting on delivery. After you finish a book you can instantly start reading a new one after a few clicks, as oppose to waiting for a physical book being delivered or actually going to a store/library.

  • The X-ray feature gives you information on a character, place or topic. So for example reading Game of Thrones and I forget who a certain character is, X-ray will give you info on who he/she is and where in the book he/she is mentioned, very useful.

  • Book is always with me since I carry my phone everywhere I go. The Kindle and the app sync across devices so that way you can pick up where you left anytime and anywhere.

  • Cheaper. Most of the time they are cheaper than their paperback or hardcover versions.

In conclusion…

I’m bummed I didn’t make the switch to Kindle earlier.