My most used ios apps of 2015

I wish I had the actual usage data of my apps throughout the year. But here are the ones I think I used the most. I like to always check my battery usage and see which apps I’m actually using and delete apps I don’t use. So I have a pretty good idea of which are my most used apps.

  • Kindle - I stopped buying physical books in 2015 and this app has changed my life
  • Snapchat - this is what everybody is using and I have to stay up to date with Dj Khaled
  • Tweetbot - Twitter is still a thing and this app is way better than the official twitter app
  • Instagram - why not
  • Beme - new app to share videos using the proximity sensor, love it
  • Yahoo Weather - The best weather app!
  • Strava - This app is great to track your bicycle rides, I use it every time I ride

And here are some apps I deleted because lack of usage

  • Swarm and Foursquare
  • Parcel
  • Pinterest
  • OfferUp