Nintendo lost at E3

If last year Nintendo won at E3, this year not only did they lose but came in last place.

This year Nintendo announced some spin offs and some more amiibo support which I’m not interested at all, but nothing new and exciting like last year with Splatoon, Mario Maker, Star Fox, new Zelda game.

This time we actually got to see some Star Fox gameplay but that was a bit of a let down since the graphics were so sub par.

What’s happening in 2016?

Besides the new Zelda game there’s really nothing big coming out for the Wii U. Maybe Nintendo is giving up on the console and already working on the new one, Nintendo NX?

I consider myself a patient gamer so I’m still happy with my Wii U, there’s plenty of games on my wishlist like Pikmin3, Bayonetta 2 and even Super Smash Bros.

But still, it’s disappointing to see how bad Nintendo did at E3.