The Force Awakens

For my birthday my wife gifted me the Blu-ray set of the Stars Wars Trilogies. Something I’ve been wanting to get my hands on since the day I bought a Blu-ray player.

If you know me, you know I’m a huge Star Wars fan and when I initially saw the original trilogy I believe I saw all the movies on the same day. So this past weekend we decided to re-watch A New Hope, and it definitely was a very cool experience to just watch that movie by itself. The movie that started it all.

When you watch all the movies together they become something big, a mashup where you don’t even know where one ends and where next one starts. So re-watching Episode IV was very refreshing. First thing I noticed when the movie ended was realizing how simple the plot was. I mean it was perfect. This movie came out in 1977 so I tried putting myself in that time and wondering how my mind would had been blown coming out of the theaters. So simple yet we were introduced to a universe that is nothing like ours.

We all know the story: Bad guy has powerful weapon with plans to destroy the good guys, weakness of weapon needs to be deliver to the good guys, bad guys kill family of boy, boy now nothing to lose delivers plans with help of cool friends and of course destroys powerful weapon.

The rest of the movies are equally awesome but more complex. Not sure how huge Star Wars would had been if the first movie would not had been that easy to digest…

Anyways, what I’m trying to say is that A New Hope was perfectly written and I just hope that Episode VII does the same to start off a new trilogy.

Today we found out the title: The Force Awakens, which I love. Not too crazy not too cheezy and doesn’t tell us much either. Does the dark side of the Force is awaken? And you really don’t see much of the Force in the movies, you do in the Clone Wars though, so yes this title has increased the excitement I have for this movie. Can’t wait to see a trailer.

The Force Awakens